Thylacosmilus atrox by Viergacht

"Though Thylacosmilus is one of several predatory mammal genera typically called “sabre-toothed cats”, it was not a felid but a sparassodont, a group closely related to marsupials, and only superficially resembled other sabre-toothed mammals due to convergent evolution.” Wikipedia

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Zhang Ding: Analgesic 

Free-Standing Sculpture Tinted copper, 18K Gold, pure silver 

Analgesic is easily the most blatant of depiction of materialism. This hand in particular takes on the fallen nature that ZHANG wants the audience to see; the pills lay around the hand as if they have been dropped.

The hand itself is holding the mass produced pain pills beyond its control. Here we begin to see the control of the market over society.

ZHANG has taken a well known and popular household product and made it into nothing other than material gold and silver purchased and held by the hand of society. The human has lost identity and lost control, implying the degradation of consumerist culture. And now all we know is the pills given to us; the drug of the masses.



I’m still thinking about that post about why a person shouldn’t kill themselves and it still makes me ill. I just want to reiterate that if you know someone who is struggling with suicidal tendency or ideation, do not add more weight to their already enormous and heavy burden. Listing off reasons why other people would be sad or hurt, misses everything. Suicide isn’t about anyone else, by that I mean, telling them to cater to other people isn’t going to alleviate any stress when your already stressed out to the max, extremely counter intuitive and actually may push them even further.

The best way to help someone who is suicidal is actually listening to them. Listening and not saying anything can actually do so much when it comes to a person getting things off their chest; you don’t have to say anything and you may not understand what a person is going through, that’s okay! You’re there for support. After that, it may be pragmatic to suggest calling their PCP or a suicide hotline, and with the latter, it can be super intimidating to call those hotlines, so when you suggest that, make absolutely sure you aren’t being read as shrugging off their problems to someone else. Saying things like, I can even sit here while you talk to them, I’ll be in the next room, we can talk about the conversation when it’s over, I’m right on msn with you if you need assistance! Words like that really do help.

When I see that suicide hotline list on tumblr, it’s not helpful to be quite honest, it’s very robotic, and people are saying reblog it reblog it reblog it and it reeks having a lack of empathy. I wish some sort of text validating feelings was with it, to really soften it up. Making phone calls can be intimidating for a person not dealing with a heavy level of stress, so someone who is considering suicide can have reservations as well.

Be realistic, and keep conversations and aspirations settled in the now, not the distant future. Telling a person, it might not be better tomorrow, but with steps, you can feel a bit better. Saying things like eventually you won’t have depression or imagine going on some grandiose vacation doesn’t really do anything. A person who is suicidal is going to have problems with visualization so big dreams and big aspirations can come across as impossible tasks that are unattainable, which adds more pressure to them.

If you have doubts about your own capacity to handle someone who is suicidal, you can look up resources yourself and seek professional opinion; they’ll be able to tell you that listing off 100 people who will be sad, if they kill themselves, isn’t really conducive. Look at it this way, a person struggling with suicide is drowning, and your pouring water in their mouth and saying “drink up” when you starting bringing up all the people who would be sad, if they weren’t here.

Most importantly, suicide is about the individuals and it isn’t about anyone else. If a person doesn’t address and take care of things for themselves, they can’t help anyone else. So listing off people and things, doesn’t address anything when a person is feeling the lowest of the low.

I’m not a healthcare professional. I just know a couple things due to personal experience in combination with research. It pains me to see those with good intentions doing things that can have the complete reverse effect, you have to come from a place of education and set aside certain moral qualms if you wish to help and assist someone dealing with wanting to end it (telling them they’ll go to hell if they do it, don’t ever say that, ever!).

Reiterating this. Telling someone who is considering suicide to think of others is not a good move. In some cases people see suicide as an escape from the burdens of family and other pressures that include putting others over themselves. 

Be there for them, tell them you love them and care, because ultimately it’s their decision. Suicide is scary on every side but the least we can do is have an honest talk about it. 


Why Philosophy of Science Matters to Science Education

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies concepts such as knowledge, evidence, induction, prediction, rationality, justified belief, and probability. Epistemologists study these topics both in the context of scientific practice and in the context of the everyday problems that nonscientists face.

The etymology of “epistemology” often leads philosophers to define epistemology as the theory of knowledge, but the practice of epistemologists shows that they are interested in a wider range of concepts and problems. For example, if you buy a ticket in a lottery, it seems false to say that you know that your ticket will lose. But it may be true that you are justified in believing that it will lose; after all, the probability of its losing is very high. There is more to epistemology than the topic of knowledge.

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A 5-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumor has one wish for his birthday: a box full of birthday cards with his name on them.

Danny Nickerson, from Foxboro, Massachusetts, was diagnosed with an inoperable and chemotherapy-resistant tumor this past October. He has stopped going to kindergarten during therapy, and gets lonely, according to his family.

"He can recognize his name now," the boy’s mother Carley Nickerson told ABC News. "When he saw his name on the package from magical fairies on Easter, he was so happy."

Nickerson says personalized cards make Danny happy, and has opened a P.O. box to collect letters from well-wishers.

Doctors say less than 10% of children diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, like Danny, live beyond 18 months.

"I don’t really believe in that," Nickerson says. "He is doing great. Every day is a blessing for us."

Danny has received about 40 letters so far, and his birthday is on July 25th.

Letters can be sent to:

Danny Nickerson
P.O. Box 212
Foxboro, MA 02035

Oh my god. He has the same boat as me. I wish I had known about this earlier, I would’ve made a card for him

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Gabriel Metsu | The Old Drinker | c.1658

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Hermann Nitsch - Oedipus, 1990

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July 23, 2014: journal excerpt + end of the day entry


The Silouhettes of Kenny Random


The Silouhettes of Kenny Random


Illustrations by Per Haagensen